the love that remains
"SAUDADES looks so, so good.  This is a promising start."
Well, it has been one week since SAUDADES was held by the hands of a baboon and raised in the air for all of the animals in Africa to see, and thus far it has been cheered.  There has been amazing, positive feedback that has generated excitement and momentum.  This is, at this stage, a very simple magazine, capturing voices previously unpublished.  And I am glad that so many have taken a liking to it.

I plan on developing a theme for each issue.  I also aim for the magazine to initially be quarterly with releases for each season.  Since this first issue was released this winter, I hope the second to be released this spring, likely May.  I hope that I will have more submissions for the second issue!

Initially, as I begged for people to submit, some were turned off from the theme.  This disinterest in a generational defying moment (on a small scale) was an interesting response to receive from peers.  I kept asking myself, "Why wouldn't people want to vocalize and challenge the stereotypical 'You want everything yesterday' view?"  Why not work to create something to depict a new voice?  I guess, at this point, I don't have an answer.  Maybe it was the proper portrayal: that we are a self-concerned, instant-gratification generation.  Not a rendition of the lost generation, with the exception of being self-concerned and aimless, but the Instant-Gratification Generation.

I hope the next theme generates more interest and appeal to a wider range of writers and readers!

Please, if you are at all interested, get in contact with me and I'll include you when this theme is finally developed.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,